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Like Costco & Sam’s Club, our partners will not all the Travel News Show to advertise to the general public. Special rates and benefits are available EXCLUSIVELY to Travel Club members.

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  • TRAVEL CONTENT FROM Show: Our interesting television show broadcasts every Tuesday at 4 pm LIVE.  And then in streaming on-demand on most social media platforms.  Learn about the world.  Meet travel leaders across the planet on what is new and interesting about their destinations.  Hosted by Fay What and David Hopkins, it is the most interesting Travel Club Travel Show in America.  Exclusively for members.
  • TRAVEL NEWS: you will get the most concise and interesting travel news about what is happening in our world.  Especially important with the worldwide disruptions we have seen this year.
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NOTHING LIKE IT IN THE TRAVEL WORLD: There is nothing like the CLUB in the world.  Club members get access to the most interesting LGBTQ travel destinations, events, and LGBTQ community in both travellers with you and visiting members from our community across America and our planet